Performance Seating for the Fintech Hub.

H:32 Scaling Spaces

Performance Seating for the Fintech Hub.

H:32 by Scalings Spaces is known as Europes biggest Fintech hub. Examplary to this is the manufacturerer deal with Herman Miller, who provided the location in Berlin with over 1200 office chairs over the years. On spaciously furnished 8 floors in Hardenbergstraße 32, startups find exactly the infrastructure they need at the beginning.

In Performance Seating, we chose the Sayl Chair, is it is made for agile working in dynamic offices landscapes. Due to its good range of functions, fair price and edgy look, the ergonomic office chair offers the best possible value. From sourcing to logistics and seating trainings, we accompanied the whole process.

H32 FinTower UG


Herman Miller

Sourcing, project management, logistics

© Image courtesy of Felix Zimmermann.

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