Impact Hub

Minimalistic and performant co-working.

Impact Hub

Minimalistic and performant co-working.

To realize their vision of a productive work environment, LXSY ask us to collaborate in their co-working project. Impact Hub was in need for different seating options for their 600 square-feet big co-working space in Berlin-Kreuzberg – which we contributed.

As a co-working space and start-up center for social entrepreneurs the Impact Hub is somewhat of a mecca for modern office concepts: open and flexible workspaces, break out-zones and meeting areas. Likewise, classic autarkic office spaces and conference room find their place here.

We aimed to create an open and flexible environment, which meets the needs of a young and dynamic start-up scene. With its portfolio, our main manufacturer Herman Miller made it easy to equip the Impact Hub with a suitable performance seating. For forum and café, we used the Herman Miller Limerick Chair, which, as an attractively designed stacking chair, provides a light, flexible and temporary seating opportunity.

The conference room provides a classic co-working-specialist – the Setu Chair. At the workplaces, Sayl, Mirra II and Classic Aeron embody the ideal mix of design and seating ergonomics.

Impact Hub Berlin GmbH


German Design Award Winner 2017

Master&Master, Herman Miller, System 180


© Images courtesy of Anne Deppe via Solar Fotografen.

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